Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello, World! You look hungry.

I'm a student studying Computer Science with a degree in Computer Networking, though don't ask me networking questions, I have no answers.
I obtained my degree without learning anything, almost literally. So I'm continuing my education and I've decided since I love computer science I will dedicate myself to learn the material.
I've been in college since 2005 and been a student in many different curriculum's, I've got a 3.9ish GPA and am able to pass every class without learning anything. I guess it's the system?
I'm not here to complain, I'm here to learn, because above all else I really do enjoy learning new things.

I'm currently enrolled in intro level classes, Java and Comp Sci.
I've tried Java before and was completely lost when it came to introductory materials.
I'll try to supply some incite into how I'm learning it.

Secondly I love cooking. I'm not the best nor am I the most frequent cooker, but I do find it to be enthralling. So when I cook I'll also keep YOU informed.

1st post COMPLETE!

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